Episode # 3 - The Sport vs. Trad Debate

Today on the show we finally give you people a little insight into who we are, and under what authority we speak (almost none).

Matt is under attack trying to explain why 'adventure' climbing is the only real climbing, while the rest of the crew defends sport climbing and everyone's right to call themselves a climber. Although the argument gets heated, we're all still friends in the end.

Steve and Alisha are back from the Red, Anna tells the story about the guy who X'd out an entire route, and we close the show off with our first installment of what will certainly be every climbers favorite new game show: Things you probably should know about rock climbing... or something (working title).

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Our theme music is by Pastor Dre, the hip hop legend.

Our hosts: Matthew Sapiecha, Anna (@annaoutdoors), Steve Andrew, and our guest Alisha.

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